Scaling A Move To A New Office

You’ve finally closed in on a big deal for your company. It means that you need to upsize the office. Operations will be bigger; therefore, more seats will be required. Then again, you can’t just dispose of the computers, fixtures and other items inside the previous office space. Some can still be used in the new office. Thus, they need to be packed and movetd properly. That sort of task should be performed by professional movers.

Scaling the transfer

You can’t call in professional removalists immediately. You need to look into the matter carefully before making a final decision. You should have a checklist, and it should contain the following:

• The things that are going to be moved

• The things that can be disposed

• The right way to dispose of obsolete items likecomputers

• Picture out the floor plan of the new office

After creating a simple checklist you can begin calling professional removalists. The purpose of contacting them is to get a price quotation. Some of them advertise online, but you cannot base the price quotation on mere ads. 

Getting a price quotation for a commercial move is usually free. There are some things that can be factored out from the price too. They usually are:

• Garbage removal

• Prepacking

• Office cleanup

If you’re going to hire another crew for prepacking and cleaning, then it will either mean more or less expense. Then again, you might as well let your own staff do those things, that will somehow trim down the expenses.

Factors that affect the price quotation

• The number of movers that you need.

• The number of furnitures that will be moved.

• The distance that will be travelled for the move.

• The date of the move.

Those are not the only factors. In order to get a more accurate quotation, you need to give an inventory of all the stuff that will be moved. Bear in mind that you need to get three to five price quotations from different professional movers in order to make a solid comparison. By making a good comparison, you will be able to determine which professional office moving services you should hire. Visit 

The move should be planned properly. Its cost should also be analyzed in order to come up with a stable plan. Remember removals and packing are not easy tasks. They should be handled professionally. More so, the arrangement of the things that were packed will also play an important factor in moving into a office rental in Haymarket, thus, it has to be done properly. Moving to a new office and expanding your company’s operations is certainly a great thing. Due to that reason that you need to pick an excellent date for the move, so that the operation of the company will not be compromised.