What To Consider When Buying An Individually Owned Apartment

If we are looking for a place to call home there are a lot of options in the market for different kinds of properties. We have houses, apartments as well as condos which are also known as individually own apartments in a building complex.

If you have a lot of money you do not have to consider any other option and can go straight to the house options available and buy one or start building one. However, if you do not have such money you can go for the next best thing which is a Bangkok real estate at Noble Development. As when buying any other property there are certain factors to consider when you are buying this kind of an apartment too.


This kind of an apartment is known for the luxury it has to offer. However, if this luxurious apartment of yours is not situated in a building which is close to any major roads or important places you will have a problem. If you have to walk for about ten minutes until you get to the road that is not good. Also, if your office is going to be too much of a drive from there too, most of your day will be spent on driving on the road. That is not good either.

Micro Location

When you are buying a condominium http://www.noblehome.com/en/home you have to pay attention to the micro location too. Micro location refers to the place your unit is situated within the building. If you are someone who finds happiness in a ground floor unit and you have obtained such a unit there is nothing more to worry about. However, you should remember the value of this type of an apartment rises if it is situated in a higher floor.


For condos the view matters too. One of the reasons for people choosing this kind of apartments is the view. Therefore, if what you get as a view is a view of the backside of the neighbouring building that is of no use. If you are happy with the view that you get, it is fine. However, you should also remember the better the view, easier it will be one day for you to sell the place.

Construction Quality

If the people behind constructing the place are reputed for their quality work you do not have to worry about the strength of the construction. If you feel you have the right choice at hand after considering all of these facts you should go ahead and buy the place.